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Honest Game High School Sponsorship

$4000 donation 

Sponsor a high school to ensure they have a college athletic pathway for every student-athlete! Includes individualized academic tracking for all student-athletes, providing step-by-step guidance to achieve and maintain academic eligibility and admissibility to college. This sponsorship also provides educational training sessions for school staff and families.

Donate $4000


Honest Game Course Audit Sponsorship

$1000 donation

Sponsor a high school with NCAA Course Audit/Portal Maintenance. This audit ensures the courses offered by a school are granted NCAA credit, updated/maintained in the NCAA portal, including the grade scale, non-traditional course offerings, support document submissions/appeals (particularly ELL), support student tasks and consult on individual cases (e.g. early grad, reclass, ELL, IEP, etc.).

Donate $1000


Honest Game Student-Athlete Counseling Sponsorship


Sponsor a student-athlete with four sessions of virtual counseling. Our specialized counselors/compliance experts support student-athletes with reclassifying, the transfer portal, the recruiting process and much more.

Donate $500


Honest Game Foundation Donation (You Choose Amount)

There are many occasions to celebrate the student-athlete in your life and/or your high school alma mater. Your donation makes a difference, no matter the amount.

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Your gift is fully tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Donations are accepted online via credit/debit card, personal check, charitable trust, private foundation, and donor-advised funds.

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