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At The Honest Game Foundation, our mission is to level the playing field so that every student has a fair and equitable opportunity to attend college.

With the cost of college growing at a rate of 8x the average wage and the ballooning student loan debt, the dream of college is slipping away for many of our youth. By leveraging their academic and athletic skills, college-bound students can access scholarships to help pay for their degree.

Collegiate athletic scholarships are at risk because NCAA and NAIA academic eligibility requirements are complex and adherence to their compliance rests solely on high school staff. In fact, 1 million student-athletes every year are not on track with academic requirements to accept an athletic scholarship. In under-resourced communities, almost 1 in 2 students are academically ineligible to gain access to college via athletics.

Join us and contribute to the dream of equal access to college – together we can provide accessible technology and services for schools that drives student motivation, improves learning outcomes, and creates equitable pathways to post-secondary success for all students.

Interested in applying for a grant? If you’re an organization or school that is committed to access and equity for college-bound students, we’d love to hear from you!

Find Out More About Honest Game Grants

Honest Game High School Sponsorship
$4,000 donation 

Sponsor a high school to ensure they have a college athletic pathway for every student-athlete! Includes individualized academic tracking for all student-athletes, providing step-by-step guidance to achieve and maintain academic eligibility and admissibility to college. This sponsorship also provides educational training sessions for school staff and families.

Donate $4,000


Honest Game Course Audit Sponsorship
$1,000 donation

Sponsor a high school with NCAA Course Audit/Portal Maintenance. This audit ensures the courses offered by a school are granted NCAA credit, updated/maintained in the NCAA portal, including the grade scale, non-traditional course offerings, support document submissions/appeals (particularly ELL), support student tasks and consult on individual cases (e.g. early grad, reclass, ELL, IEP, etc.).

Donate $1,000


Honest Game Student-Athlete Counseling Sponsorship

Sponsor a student-athlete with four sessions of virtual counseling. Our specialized counselors/compliance experts support student-athletes with reclassifying, the transfer portal, the recruiting process and much more.

Donate $500


Honest Game Foundation Donation (You Choose Amount)
There are many occasions to celebrate the student-athlete in your life and/or your high school alma mater. Your donation makes a difference, no matter the amount.

Donate A Custom Amount

Your gift is fully tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. Donations are accepted online via credit/debit card, personal check, charitable trust, private foundation, and donor-advised funds.

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